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My Why – Part 1


February 25, 2021


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I believe that we all came to this planet to live truly extraordinary lives. Most of us, unfortunately, never do. We either think our dream life is out of reach or we never understand how truly infinite the possibilities of our lives are.

I used to be the person who was resigned to an ordinary life of complacency. Don’t get me wrong, I did think life was fun and full of adventure, but I also thought my ‘dream life’ was something I would never be able to life. I thought that maybe I was ‘dreaming’ too big.

I started coming to terms with the fact once I started my career that this was going to be my career forever. I might go back to college to advance further in my career if I was feeling extra motivated and daring. But I soon decided I didn’t like school enough to ever want to go back. So, being an RN in the Nursery ICU was going to be ‘it.’

I remember one day trying to decide the percentage of each paycheck I would need to set aside in my 401K in order to live comfortably once I retire. I spent quite a bit of time, actually, contemplating between 8% or 9% of each paycheck, thinking to myself, “Should I enjoy my life while I have it now, or bet that I will even be able to use this money I’ve saved once I am 65?”

Since I started my career so early at the age of 22, this means I would work a little longer than everyone else in order to reach my ‘retirement age’ of 65. If you have not done the math already, I would be in my career for 43 years until I was eligible to retire.

For some reason this was something I had never thought about before, and when I came to this realization, I was scared of how boring and dry it sounded to show up to the same workplace everyday for 43 years. Yawn.

There is so much more to life than meets the eye. Do you really, truly believe that we came to the planet just to go to school, find a job, work really really hard, live paycheck to paycheck like 70% of Americans do, save for retirement, maybe buy that car we love, have a couple kids, stress even more about money, finally retire, and leave this planet soon after?

There is a greater force / spirit / life form that created all of us that is much bigger and more complex than us (I call ‘it’ God). Do you really believe that this powerful life force who created the Universe brought us to the planet to live boring, basic lives? To be stressed out? To never meet our full potential?

I used to, but not anymore. This is why I picked up my camera. I have always known there was something more to me than being a nurse. My nursing career allows me to live my purpose in the world, but only to a certain extent. In order to fully embody why I am here and what I came to this world to do, I listened to my instinct.

To be continued . . .

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