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Davis Family Studio Portraits


April 6, 2021


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I have to start off by saying this family was an absolute blast to photograph!

One of the best parts of photography and marketing myself has been reconnecting with people who I haven’t been in touch with in a long time. When I first started my photography business I realized that EVERYONE really values and wants photographs of them, their family, and their children.

Breanna, the gorgeous mother of the Davis Family, contacted me to book a studio family session last month. The last time I saw her was in high school . . . in HIGH SCHOOL! We were both cheerleaders together, and I always remembered her to be kind and gracious, and she always had a fun energy about her. I was so excited when she asked me to take photos of her growing family (including her brand new baby)! I was going to get to see her again, after so many years, meet her family, and give her photographs that capture such a sweet season in their family that will be remembered forever.

Breanna told me that she was coordinating everyone’s outfits and they had chosen a particular color scheme to follow. When they arrived to the studio I was blown away at her ability to get her tow kids dressed and well groomed, AND have everyone’s outfits coordinating in color! Did I mentions she just had a baby two months ago? Super mom!

The outfits really tied everything together and really made the photos POP!

With every portrait session, I send my client a pre-shoot questionnaire to get to know them and their family better. This family had answered that their last family photoshoot was over 5 years ago! Now that Baby Zayn is in the ‘picture,’ they had to update their photos and the walls in their home.

One of their favorite things about their family is being able to enjoy time at home with one another just being goofy, dancing, and laughing! Of course I had to capture some of their favorite moments on camera!

Thank you so much Breanna, D, Kiara and Zayn for giving me the opportunity to photograph your sweet family and capture moments that will be cherished forever!! You were so much fun!!

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