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Lauren & Lively Photoshoot


August 27, 2021


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“I wake up every day with a purpose and someone to build a future for.” – Lauren Moore


Lauren was a recent dear client of mine who wanted to book a meaningful and out-of-the-ordinary portrait experience for her and her new daughter, Lively. Lauren reached out to me with the hopes of receiving photos that she will cherish forever. She told me that she can’t believe how quickly time is passing, and how much her baby is changing and growing every single day! This is a common theme with most mothers – they want to slow time, and fully embrace these moments of their little one still being little.

I sent Lauren the client questionnaire form for her to self-reflect on her emotions of becoming a new mother, so I could better understand the bond she has with her baby, and, ultimately, photograph them together in the most meaningful way possible. Lauren stated that she feels more purposeful with her life as she now has a tiny human, a daughter, to look after and build a future for. She wants to be remembered as the kind, gentle and optimistic mother.

Lauren’s love for Lively was strikingly obvious during our photoshoot. I love photographing the sweet, gentle moments shared between a mother and child. Moms understand the significance of time a little bit more than most people. They understand and can appreciate how precious time is, and that with each passing day their child changes in small ways.

Mothers are constantly stuck in the middle of the excitement of their baby changing, and the mourning of what their baby used to be.

With these photographs, Lauren will remember forever how Lively looked and felt on this day. She will remember vividly the excitement she felt as she became a new mother, learned all there is to know about her bay, and the life she began to build for Lively. These photographs are not just photographs, they’re a flash back in time and a chance to re-live some of the most joyous moments in her life.

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