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Luxury portrait photographer |  phoenix, Arizona


Behind the Lens


I'm a joy-filled, adventure-seeking photographer who finds purpose in capturing connection and beauty wherever I go.

I'm fun, friendly, and constantly optimistic. I'm a lover of light, creativity, and the genuine beauty brought to life through my lens.  

I am a total enthusiast of life. I approach everything I do with an open mind, and I have an imagination that likes to wander. I look at the world in wide-eyed awe of all the opportunities to connect with people and live the life of my truest dreams.

Nursing was my first passion before photography. When I'm not behind the camera, I am taking care of tiny babies in the Nursery ICU. It fills my heart with great purpose and joy.

On top of that, I am incredibly grateful in my heart. I have been blessed with my health, a wonderfully supportive family and partner, and the resources I need to not only live, but to thrive. 

I find the world and the way things work absolutely fascinating. I love to combine my religious faith with spiritual law, such as the law of attraction. I have completely embodied this philosophy into my life. I love to inspire others to do the same and live their best life, as well! You'll see more about this on my Instagram and in my Journal. 

Much Love!


about ME

Literally anything Italian + a chilled crisp white wine. (Cocktail hour? French 75, please)


This guy. My husband, Luke. Believe it or not, he's as hilarious as he is handsome.



Reading a good book before bed, and Sundays spent with my loving family. 



Buying something just because it's on sale. Watching The Office over and over again. And really good dessert every evening.

guilty pleasure


Reyjkaivk, Iceland with Italy as a close second. I also love Greece... and Sedona, Arizona. 

places i've been



The best part of what I do is getting to serve my VIP's with an open and generous heart, all while providing a fun experience and photos they are in love with.

part of my job


my favorite things:

Photos by Bruna Branco, Cassidy Dickens, Sincerely Media, & Mashaida.Co

about you

Does this sound like you? Inquire with ME.

My clients are seek a transformative photography experience. They desire to see themselves in a way they have never seen before. 

My clients are often skeptical at first. "Why me? I'm not that special, or photogenic!" I will help you to look and feel beautiful for the duration of our experience, guiding you through every pose and expression. My clients trust me, and they take a chance by stepping a bit outside of their comfort  zone to feel like a Vogue model for a day! My clients are so grateful for the experience, and get to discover their complete beauty and uniqueness! 


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